Chin and Jawline Fillers in Essex

Chin and Jawline sculpting procedures are to enhance the appearance of this crucial area. Chin fillers are a fantastic way to adjust the shape of your lower face to a more satisfactory appearance. An under-formed or weak chin appearance can be genetic and can influence somebody’s overall confidence.

 That’s exactly how we can help. A filler can be used to stiffen the skin on the chin, to reduce the weakness of the chin, leaving you with a stronger and more balanced chin profile.  

A sharper, and more defined jawline can be achieved by using a dense hyaluronic acid filler, this helps to bring the chin and jawline into a more streamlined appearance. Also, these fillers can be used to contour, define and improve the overall appearance of the jawline.

Targeting the front of the jawline also helps in reducing the appearance of unwanted jowls.

Treatment Summary

Procedure time

Full Recovery
48 Hours (estimated)

Risks & Complications
Asymmetry, bruises, infections and swelling

Back to work
Immediately (estimated)

True Results
14 Days

Duration of Results
6 – 9 Months

Why us?

Over the last number of years, we have gained a reputation of trust and loyalty from our own customers, thanks to the compassionate attention we offer to each one of our customers, and the exceptional level of talent and expertise that each of our team members have.

 The fillers that we use, are based completely on Hydraulic acid. This agent can be found in the body and is the skin’s natural plumper.

What’s more is, from the time our fillers are implemented, they are fully reversible from the time they are injected. Even then, in the highly unlikely event that you aren’t happy with the results you have received, they can be completely reversed in just a matter of seconds. 

What’s more is, our leading practitioners combine their talents with the most innovative and improved methods of surgery. This means that your chin and jawline filler procedure can be as painless as it possibly can be.  

Remember, we always want you to have the most streamlined and pain-free procedure without any hassle or stress on your behalf. Almost any patient who we have asked after this procedure, claims that it was almost totally pain-free.

Our Products & Accreditations

What can this do for you?

When it comes to a youthful and attractive appearance, it’s all about the shape of the jawline. While an attractive, young face will have a smooth shape from the ear to the chin, one which has aged slightly, will frequently sag at the bottom of the cheeks. Jaw enhancements are a quick, safe & surgery-free method of enhancing the look of your chin & jawline area. If you have ever felt before that your jawline is asymmetrical, lacks definition or shows signs of sagging then this treatment may be exactly what you are looking for.

 This treatment method is the perfect way for you to achieve that youthful and exuberant look that you have been longing for. The kind that you have seen in movie stars and models are available for you in one quick, simple and painless procedure.

After the treatment, you may expect some swelling and possible bruising. You may feel quite tender at first, but this soon subsides.

Chin and jawline filers are a fantastic way balance out a profile and helps to restore your appearance & confidence and become a more esteemed and happier version of yourself.

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