Wow Fusion Facial in Essex

With this innovative new combined method of micro-needling and meso cocktail serums.

This is an innovative technique which makes the most of tiny glass vials, to create a “micro trauma” in the skin yet delivering minimum discomfort. The purpose of this procedure is to allow serum to flow into your epidermis and dermis. These serums will help improve the tone and texture of the skin, while delivering other benefits to improve your appearance, such as lines & wrinkles, acne scars, and dehydrated pores. We do this, by using the most advanced materials that are available in the entire industry. The device that we use are 20 Titanium 24K golden needles, all of which are 0.13mm in diameter, which, placed in context, is finer than a human hair. 

Fusion facial treatment is a fantastic way for you to treat and improve:



Open Pores

Excess Sebum

Dull Skin


Fine lines & Wrinkle


Acne Scarring

Treatment Summary

Procedure time
20mins (estimated)

Full Recovery
48 Hours (estimated)

Risks & Complications
Asymmetry, bruises, infections and swelling, Infection and Trigger Coldsores

Back to work

Visual Results

Duration of Results
12 Months

Why us?

A topical numbing cream is applied all over so there is minimal to zero discomfort.

You will begin to see results immediately after the procedure, and further improvements will be visible after 1 week. However, the very best improvements will be visible after a prescribed treatment course.

These results will last for up to 12 months, after multiple sessions, but for just one single session, results will normally last up to and around 3 months.

Redness after the procedure is common so please take this factor this is to account when booking in this treatment.

We are sure that almost anyone who wished to revitalise their own skin can do so with our simple and convenient fusion facial procedure. However, we invite our customers to a free consultation session beforehand, to discuss your exact needs, requirements and to assess your medical condition beforehand. Once you are fully satisfied that our team understands the exact look that you desire, one of our practitioners can either begin immediately, or you can schedule for another date.

Our Products & Accreditations

What can this do for you?

We are proud to have grown a reputation over the last number of years for bringing astonishing results to each of our customers and playing our role in their transformation. We have done this by focusing exclusively on prioritising every one of our customers who place their trust in us. Every single step of the procedure, from the initial consultation, to the aftercare treatment, is completely designed with just one person in mind, and that is you. What really matters to us, is that you can get the desired smooth, glowing skin that you deserve.

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